Colorlac was founded in 1988 by ​​Ottavio Maltoni -President of the company – who foresaw the emerging needs of a market that has become increasingly oriented toward customized products and customer service. Imagine then a streamlined company, able to fill those niches of flexibility and creativity left unattended by large multinational chemical and dye distributors. Since then Colorlac has been on a course of growth and innovation of both product and production:

• In 1995 upgraded their facilities and increased production capacity to accommodate the development of customer business.

•In 2001, enriched by the skills of Gabriele Maltoni – an industrial chemist – who designed a synthesis plant for the production of azo dyes, a high concentrate metallic complex  in liquid form.

• In 2013 Colorlac further expanded their production site to over 6000 square meters. – and invested in environmental protection by using renewable energy to produce electricity and implementing heat recovery solutions in the production process.

• In 2014,  In addition to the production of dyes, Colorlac creates a new department dedicated to the  production of pigment pastes.

• In 2017 Colorlac is renewing its corporate image and preparing to announce new developments to continuing, with our clients, to look to the future together.


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