Solvent dyes for varnishes

● Outstanding transparent power
● Easy and reliable application
● Unlimited miscibility among them

Description: CV are high concentrated metal-complex solvent dyes in MEK / PM
Utilization: They have been developed for coloring the finishing paints, required for uniform or slightly correct the hue of the panels; they are also used for painting solid wood. To color the finishing paint add CV up to a 2% in relation to the intensity of hue to be obtained.
Diluition: Good in acetone, ketones, acetates, aromatics, nitro and polyurethane thinners
Miscibility: They are characterized by excellent compatibility with solvent-based products of different types such as urea nitro cellulose or polyurethane. The products of CV series are miscible with each other in any ratio to allow you to independently create new customized solutions.
Overpainting: They are suitable for over coating with water cycles and shows heavy bleeding with the solvent cycles.

For the solid painting
CV 10 shares
VL02 20-30 parts
Dilute with acetone, or nitro thinner or polyurethane thinner depending on the intensity of the hue to obtain

VL 02: Vehicle to achieve a more uniform effect in spray coating

Color charts CV

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