Solvent-based high concentrated pastes in nitrocellulose ethyl cellulose

• Excellent light fastness
• High concentration
• Unlimited miscibility with each other

Description: PCE are solvent-based high concentrated pastes
Utilization: for wood painting characterized by an excellent transparency and excellent light fastness. These pastes are recommended both for spray or roller application. It is possible to make PCE series products even more brilliant by mixing them with TC series dyes, which are fully compatible.
Dilution: good dilution in ethyl alcohol.
Overpainting: PCE are suitable for over-coating with nitrocellulose, polyurethane and urea cycles and also with UV fillers.
Miscibility: The products of PC series are miscible with each other in any ratio to allow you to independently create new customized solutions.

For spray application Dilute the paste 1:10 in nitro solvents - polyurethane or acetates and proceed with the application.
For roller application Add to the concentrated paste a 20-30% of our vehicle VL05 to increase viscosity and have a better transport of the product.
For scrubbing patinas With the use of special vehicles you can easily get patinas for scrubbing. Our technicians are at your disposal to suggest the most suitable product according to the desired degree of removability..

VL 05: Vehicle to increase the transport of the product in roller coaters

Color charts PCE

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