TMW 1000

Water-based metallic paints ready to use

• Exceptional gloss
• High concentration
• Excellent uniformity of tint

Description: TMW 1000 are products in aqueous solution for special effects
Utilization: designed to offer you the chance to give the media a special iridescent effect with different reflections depending on the light.They can easily be used in both manual and spray painting with automatic sprayers. This series is particularly suitable for coating frames or decorative parts of furniture.
Dilution: good dilution in water
Miscibility: The products of TMW1000 series are miscible with each other in any ratio to allow you to independently create new customized solutions
Overpainting: TMW 1000 may possibly be over-painted with polyurethane acrylic glosses.

Their application versatility allows use with excellent results both on different colored opaque mixes of undercoats in different shades
For spray application: To get the best effect we recommend applying the product by spraying in several successive steps. Although these products are ready to use as they can easily be adapted to your needs, further diluting with water to a 10% maximum.

Color charts TMW 1000

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