Reactive dyes in aqueous solution for positive effect on softwood

● Positive effect
● Exceptional transparent power
● Easy and reliable application

Description: TW POSITIVES are reactive dyes in aqueous solution
Utilization: They enable a defined positive effect on coniferous woods. It can be applied equally well by spray or brush.
Dilution: Good in water
Miscibility: TW POSITIVES series products are miscible with water-based polyurethane and acrylic resins. The products of TW POSITIVES series are miscible in with each other any ratio to allow you to independently create new customized solutions
Overpainting: TW POSITIVES are suitable for over coating with solvent and water-based acrylic cycles, polyurethane and nitrocellulose cycles.

To make the easiest and most effective application we have developed two specific vehicles that help to bring out the wood grain.
To obtain a classic positive effect:
WATER 60-65 parts
VL 87 30 shares
TW POSITIVE 5-10 parts

To stand out more for the positive effect:
VL 206 90-95 parts
TW POSITIVE 5-10 parts

To get a pastel effect add 1-2% of the special white TW001.

VL87: Vehicle for classic positive effect
VL206: Vehicle for increased positive effect
TW 001: White pigment for pastel effect

Color charts POSITIVE TW

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