High gloss universal dyes – Universal water-based liquid dyes with good resistance to  bleeding in overpainting with solvent finishings

● Outstanding transparent power
● Good light fastness
● Remarkable constancy of tint

Description: TW are metal-complex highly concentrated liquids dyes, in organic-aqueous solution. Utilization: They are particularly suitable for the formulation of immersion dyes (flow coating) for beech artifacts where it is required to provide an excellent uniformity. They can also be used with brush or cloth.
Dilution: Good in water, glycols, alcohols - Fair in acetone
Miscibility:The products of TW series are miscible with each other in any ratio to allow you to independently create new customized solutions
Overpainting: These are versatile products which may be used with nitrocellulose, polyurethane and acrylic cycles and with water-based primers and finishes furthermore, after application of a sealer, it is possible to use them in polyester cycles

Dilution: can be diluted in water or in mixture water / PM or water / acetone 1: 1

Manual spray: The recommended dilution is 1:10.
Spraying machine: dilution for a medium intensity hue is from 1:15 to 1:20

● In case you want to get a more uniform effect you can add a 20-30% of our vehicle VL15.
● In case you want the pore to stand out more it is possible to add a 5-10% of our DR09 thinner.

RollerTo get the best result we suggest adding an approximately 30% OF THE SPECIAL transparent vehicle VL 15 to increase the transport on painting.The hardness of the rubber roller must be of 20-30 Shores.Sanding of raw wood is of significant importance and is recommended for the white point using cards with grit 150-180, while for dark colors cards with grit 120-150.Can be diluted water with or a 5-10% of DR09

Dipping (Plunging) - Flow coatingFor dipping application of beech artifacts, such as chairs or table legs, we suggest using the following formulation:Water 65 partsVL 22 40 sharesTW 2-5partsuse of the vehicle avoids staining the wood heads and enhances the tint slider.

Brush - Cloth: Dilution water

VL 15: Vehicle to achieve a more uniform effect in spray coating
VL 22: Vehicle for dipping application
DR 09: Thinner to highlight the pore

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