Water-based fluorescent pastes for leather finishing

• Exceptional gloss
• Good light fastness
• Easy and reliability application

Description: PFWL are water-based fluorescent pastes
Use: The products of PFWL series have been studied for fluorescent effects of strong impact. The PFWL series is used in combination with resinous compact both on full grain leathers or buffed leathers after a resinous white cover.
Miscibility: They are compatible with polyurethane, acrylic and case water-based resins. The products of PFWL series are miscible with each other in any ratio to allow you to independently create new customized solutions

Spray or roller applicationPFWL can be applied both by spraying and by roller coating in a mixture 1: 4.Application example:- 100 pigment PFWL- 400 compact resin- water depending on the application

Color charts PFWL

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