Dyes with high resistance to washing

• High washing resistance
• Good light fastness
• Excellent gloss

Description: TSC are metal-complex highly concentrated liquid dyes in PM solution.
Use: The products of TSC series are characterized by excellent resistance to washing, high concentration, transparency, brightness and uniformity of color. They are suitable for leather finishing by either spray or roller application.
Solubility: Good in glycols, alcohols, acetone and acetates
Miscibility: The TSC are miscible with nitrocellulose, polyurethane and acrylic solvent-based resins.The products of TSC series are miscible with each other in any ratio to allow you to independently create new customized solutions

Can be used in combination with penetrating agents, polar solvents and acetates both by spray or roller application.

Spray application: TSC can be applied manually, with aerograph, or mechanically with rotary machine after dilution with glycols, acetates and alcohols.
Finishing to effect: TSC can be used for the finishing effect with acrylic resins, top, nitrocellulose and polyurethane  in solvents.

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